We always begin with the questions of why and how. This then dovetails into pieces that are then inspired by carefully selected themes that touch on pop-culture and heritage, with the client at the centre of it all. - David Kusi Boye-Doe

Let's meet you.

I’m David Kusi Boye-Doe Founder and Creative lead of a Ghanaian Ethical and Afroluxurious brand BOYEDOE. One of the Top 30 next-gen African creatives and visionaries by TRACE and Johnnie Walker Africa in 2023. I graduated from JACCD Design Institute Africa as the most outstanding and most creative student in 2019.

Winner of MERCK Fashion Award 2019. First runner-up of both Vlisco fashion fund and Accra Mall future fashion fund in 2019, and 2020. 

I made my international debut in 2020 as one of the thirty finalists for the inaugural edition of ARISE 30 Under 30 New Stars held in Lagos, Nigeria.

What inspired the creation of Boyedoe clothing brand?

Boyedoe fills the need for afroluxuious clothing with a conscience inspired by the mythical sankofa bird (that looks to the past in order to forge into the future), we set out to be a socially responsible and environmentally conscious brand that uses fashion as a conduit to envision a new Africa; an Africa of boldness, bravery and beauty underscored by its culture, folklore, colours, textures and eclectic patterns.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced as the founder of Boyedoe?

As a creative lead of an emerging brand, the lack of financial muscle to place fabric orders in bulk, such as the handwoven fabric (smock) we use for example has been frustrating. It results in changes in colour or texture when we ultimately place new orders as the old stock would have run out.

Also sourcing quality accessories like zips and buttons has been a major challenge in this part of our world.

How would you describe the style and aesthetic of Boyedoe's designs?

Boyedoe pieces embed in them a fascination with the subversive! Drawing inspiration from the brand’s African roots and global aesthetics, it’s an eclectic blend of tradition, confidence and future fashion.

What is the design process like for creating new collections and the challenges faced in maintaining your commitment to sustainability?

We always begin with the questions of why and how. This then dovetails into pieces that are then inspired by carefully selected themes that touch on pop-culture and heritage, with the client at the centre of it all. We also don’t see any virtue in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical.

After verbally conceptualising the design we move on to translating it into rapid sketches that are meant to capture the essence and energy of the ideas without restriction. It is then taken a step further by considering ideas of the garment’s silhouette, practicality, fabric and colours. Samples are created and vetted before launching into production.

As a brand deeply rooted in sustainable realities, we don’t see maintaining our commitment to sustainability as a challenge. We create a majority of our clothes around the themes of deconstruction and reconstruction; we passionately believe in doing our part in repurposing the seemingly endless mountain of discarded clothes that find their way into Africa.

About 80% of the make-up of our clothes is recycled with the remaining 20% sourced from local ethical and sustainable manufacturers. Also, as a made-to-order producer, we strive to minimise waste by ensuring that the creation process undergoes responsible and sustainable practices.

Talking about your latest collection, tell us about the inspiration behind it, "Rebuild the Ruins"

Inspired by the timeless words of Prophet Isaiah in the book of Isaiah chapter 61 verse 4, “And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.” 

The “Rebuild the Ruins” collection channels the essence of reviving forgotten traditions with a contemporary flair. Through thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship, each garment is a testament to the Boyedoe’s commitment to celebrating the beauty – breathing new life into cultural narratives, transforming the remnants of the past into modern-day masterpieces.

Can you walk us through the colour palette of the latest collection and how it ties into the theme of rebuilding old wastes?

The collection’s colour palette is a nod of the restorative process. Weathered blues, earthy tones and the smoky shades of burnt wood symbolise the old wastes while touches of rich indigos and vibrant hues represent the the steely determination to rebuild. These colours lend an air of mystery and depth to the collection, evoking a sense of history and resilience while at the same time promising hope and a brighter future.

What can customers expect in terms of silhouettes, styles, and overall vibe when shopping the latest collection from Boyedoe?

The silhouettes in this collection draw inspiration from the juxtaposition of ruins and renewal. Distressed denim, frayed edges, and strategically placed patches represent the scars of the past. Tailored denim pieces symbolise the rebuilding process, highlighting precision and craftsmanship.

Asymmetrical cuts and layered textures evoke the complexity of desolation and the multi-generational journey towards restoration. The silhouettes of this collection embody a sense of resilience and renewal.

Structured blazers, tailored denim trousers and elegant denim dresses reflect the strength of rebuilding ancient ruins. Strategic clean cuts and modern interpretations of classic styles provide a contemporary edge, ensuring that each piece is not only fashionable but also timeless. Each piece is designed not only to flatter the wearer but also to communicate a message of empowering sustainability.

Can you share any upcoming collaborations or projects that Boyedoe is working on?

I love collaborations because I know that what creates community is collaboration. 

And I also love to keep things on the low before it manifest, so I’m going to keep it until the time appointed.

Thank you.



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    Lagos, Nigeria