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TTYBrand Africa is a global digital media leading innovative strategy on African brands, businesses and entrepreneurs through storytelling. We believe that the business of the 21st century thrives on innovation, technology, brand stories, inspiration, learning and growth, which we have successfully implemented in our digital platforms to help African entrepreneurs and their businesses navigate in order to elevate their entrepreneurial goals.

The purpose of TTYBrand Africa is to serve as a digital media platform that amplifies the voices of young African entrepreneurs. It aims to promote their brands and showcase their stories, achievements, and impact on the continent. By doing so, TTYBrand Africa aims to foster a community of African entrepreneurs who are making a difference in various industries and sectors.

TTYBrand Africa started what we call the “Surprise Feature “ where we research young African entrepreneurs who are impacting the continent and promote their brand. We have featured over fifty young African entrepreneurs in this segment and the feedback has been amazing. You know the feeling of waking up to a global platform featuring your work at no cost or stress. This has been the surprise these entrepreneurs express when we profile them. We have used this strategy to inspire and motivate other aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa. It also aims to create a network and community where African entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Moreover, TTYBrand Africa aims to contribute to the economic growth and development of the continent by promoting African brands and businesses. By providing exposure and visibility, the platform helps entrepreneurs reach a wider audience, attract potential customers, and expand their network.

Why TTYBrand Africa?

We recognize the immense potential and talent that exists within the African entrepreneurial ecosystem. By amplifying the voices of these entrepreneurs, the platform aims to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa, showcasing the innovation, creativity, and resilience that African entrepreneurs bring to the table.

TTYBrand Africa is also very particular about the growth of young African entrepreneurs, to which we dedicated a spot to mentor, educate and coach entrepreneurs on how to build a quality brand/business that can set them up globally.

It is a hub for African entrepreneurs who are impacting Africa with their businesses. And also, for young African entrepreneurs seeking to learn, grow, and innovate their ideas to foster a better future for Africa.

Creating this initiative is a way to recognize African entrepreneurs and their businesses. We know what it feels like not to be supported when one starts up a business. The struggles in promoting your products, seeking funding and positioning your brands to the right audience are sometimes draining.

We launched TTYBrand Africa to aid young African Entrepreneurs to be seen and heard globally. We are achieving this through storytelling because we believe in stories, as it’s a great tool in building a memorable brand/business. By profiling these entrepreneurs through stories, we create a strong bond and connections for their brand with their target audience.

There are lots of African entrepreneurs that are doing amazing with innovative products but their business is not recognized. Our goal is to promote their brands.

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We are committed to lead innovative strategies for African brands through storytelling and community building.

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We support African entrepreneurs impacting the continent through innovative ideas for a better future.

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We spotlight African entrepreneurs through stories, which creates a strong bond and connections with their target audience.

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Our core goal is to ensure that African brands gain global visibility by promoting their businesses and products.

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We have been empowering the African Enterpreneurial and Business dreams – transforming lives and businesses, one story at a time.

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A dedicated team of storytellers, and change-makers committed to amplifying the voices of African entrepreneurs. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we work tirelessly to share their stories, inspire action, and drive positive impact in Africa. Meet the passionate individuals behind our mission to empower, uplift, and celebrate African innovation.

Betty Buzo TTYBrand Africa Team
Betty Buzo

Betty Buzo is a highly accomplished media entrepreneur and brand consultant, she is a visual storyteller, writer, author, educationist, and an award-winning creative entrepreneur.

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    Tty Brand Africa is a global community leading innovative brand strategy focused on African businesses and entrepreneurs by promoting their brands, products, services and impacts through storytelling.


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